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Think Digital creates immersive experiences to engage, educate and inspire. Using immersive technologies like Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) we develop and deliver experiences to a range of audiences and clients, from school students to librarians to industry groups, export markets and producers. We have a 14 metre coach that we have fitted out as a hi-tech mobile class room. This is currently travelling around Australia teaching people where their food comes from through the Australian Good Meat Paddock to Plate VR experience. Think Digital VR, through its FarmVR brand, creates apps and software to bring these experiences to a whole new level... watch this space!

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Working on Renewable Energy Design with Elizabeth Tomc. With both a technical and business background, Elizabeth brings over 25 years consulting experience in the areas of sustainability, process optimisation, systems integration and business technology strategy.  Before joining UTS in 2019, she started her academic career in 2013 at the University of Sydney.



Divall’s Earthmoving & Bulk Haulage was established in 1991 by two brothers; Andrew and Michael Divall, operating from a Company owned and operated Quarry at Carrick Hill, Goulburn in the Southern Tablelands of New South Wales.
The company has since grown to the stage where it employs over 150 local people and is a major contributor to the local economy.


At Goterra, we believe that making a difference means doing things differently.
We manage food waste.
Unlike other food waste technology, Goterra manages waste using insects. So our process not only manages waste, it creates high protein insect meal and valuable, nutritious soil conditioner.
We’ve packed all this capability into a modular unit.
What does that mean to you? Well it means we can manage more waste, faster and closer to where it’s created than ever before.
If you’re looking for food waste management services, no matter how big or small, we have a solution for you.



Enesys develops technical and economic sustainable energy and resources solutions involving the physical and commercial linking of waste, energy, growing, and manufacturing industries to close resource loops and create circular economies. Enesys expertise includes technical and commercial knowledge of renewable energy, sustainable precincts, and community infrastructure, high-density growing systems, PAR lighting design, and manufacture and bespoke process control design and construction.

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A national not for profit organisation committed to cultivating networks, resources and community for young farmers state and nation wide. Through our network we provide educational platforms and community connections that encourage our young agrarians to farm for the future, supporting the use of regenerative, holistic & sustainable agricultural practices. YFC is a community that provides a national framework for peer support and a network that facilitates opportunities, land sharing, collaboration, education, mentorship and industry support to new, young and aspiring farmers throughout Australia.

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