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New Program funded by FRRR

Youth Ag Activation Program

Tablelands Community Strategic Plan 2016-2036 is “to grow the regions core strengths in agriculture… and deliver a highly liveable community which attracts and rewards residents and visitors.” Therefore the Australian Agricultural Centre wants to create programs that provide education and training regionally and will retain more youth to the area. Through training programs we can define a pathway to future employment, and connect education and careers. Practical hands on educational environments engage the disengaged.

The course content is designed to lower farm injuries and deaths facilitate agricultural employment by making students work ready, and able to be safely employed on farm in holidays. The program engages community and provides longer term social benefits for the community, as place based employment opportunities will increase youth retention in the area.

Sheep in Open Fields



  • animal handling,

  • fencing

  • machinery & farm equipment safety,

  • farm hand skills

Friday Recap

Afternoons: Leadership, confidence, and initiative training


Youth Ag Activation Program strategic priorities

  • Activate our youth

  • Agricultural skills and training

  • Active workforce participants


School Students: 27 - 31 Mar 2023

Non School Youths: 1 - 5 May 2023

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