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2023 Successful Delivery of Practical Programs

 The Australian Agricultural Centre is a Limited Liability Co, is not for profit and a registered charity. The Australian Agricultural Centre (AAC) provides innovative discovery and education of agriculture. Our 400ac demonstration farm is a working property that we use to educate children and the broader population on food and fibre production.
“Planting the Seed” to encourage the next generation to chose agriculture, communicate via hands on prac days, the careers involved in Agriculture, and build an understanding ofwhere their food and fibre comes from, adding value back to the producer.
The Australian Agricultural Centre is an off campus facility for universities, TAFE and High Schools, to facilitate access to agricultural courses, and practical components required to complete their courses. Enabling more students to be able to Study Ag.
We are providing access to micro credentialing, building skills, for people new to the industry or already in the industry. The centre provides field days and training and demonstrations of the innovation and technology to encourage more people to be efficient and effective producers.
Delivering for 2.5 years now to Primary, High Schools, and community our practical immersive education model has received continual positive feedback and repeat visits for the programs that are delivered. Each year growing in numbers and content to meet the needs and demands of our agricultural and social community. Creating capacity and capability for the industry and the community. Our reward is the connection to agriculture and skills that wouldn't have been there without our commitment to delivery and the next generation who will produce our food and fibre.
Our network is large, local and authentic to the vision.

"Hands down the best camp we've ever attended"

"Presenters made it a powerful and unique experience"

"Supported our learning in Science (especially astronomy, sustainability, biology, environmental science, geography, history, food-tech, agriculture, english, creative arts)... there was something for everyone"

“Every activity was so well thought out and student centred” Teacher

“The storytelling/indigenous language was spectacular. Once in a lifetime” Teacher

“I learned a lot about the stars” Yr 7

“I’d love to stay in a yurt again” Yr 7

“I could have stayed all week” Yr 7

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