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Upcoming Events...

# "Youth Ag Activation Program"  - 26-29 JUNE  2nd - 5th OCTOBER

# "Astronomical Agriculture"  -   2023 AUG / OCT / NOV

# "Sheep Week"   - AUG 28 - SEP 1 2023

# "Cattle Grazier    Taster Days"   - SEP 11,12,13,14,15 2023

# "Agronomy Taster Days"   - SEP 18,19,20,21,22 2023

# "Sheep Farmer Taster Days"  - OCT 9,10,11,12,13 2023

# "Shearing Taster Days"   - BOOKED OUT PUT SCHOOL DOWN FOR 2024

# "TAFE Novice Shearing Course"  - NOV 20-24 2023  


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2022 Successful Delivery of Practical Programs

AAC has welcomed 450 students this year for overnight camping excursions, shearing taster days with AWI, and Novice shearing courses with TAFE. With the success of these programs we are excitedly planning our calendar for 2023. 

"Hands down the best camp we've ever attended"

"Presenters made it a powerful and unique experience"

"Supported our learning in Science (especially astronomy, sustainability, biology, environmental science, geography, history, food-tech, agriculture, english, creative arts)... there was something for everyone"

“Every activity was so well thought out and student centred” Teacher

“The storytelling/indigenous language was spectacular. Once in a lifetime” Teacher

“I learned a lot about the stars” Yr 7

“I’d love to stay in a yurt again” Yr 7

“I could have stayed all week” Yr 7

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